Bee Good to Dry Hands

Bee Good to Try Hands Hand Cream

I'm always looking to try out new hand creams and the Bee Good Honey & Crambe Daily Hand Cream is one that I just had to share. The product itself uses products such as wildflower honey and british beeswax from british beehives which I think is absolutely lovely, there's nothing like knowing that a product uses local products. Since researching Bee Good I've slowly grown to love them, they're very open about how their products are made and there's a whole host of information on their website and I feel a bit like I know their bee farmer, Rob, personally (although I actually don't!!).

The hand cream has a floral smell to it, it's quite discreet and makes the hands smell lovely but isn't too overpowering at the same time. It rubs into the hands very easily and makes them feel hydrated and supple. There's absolutely no residue and doesn't leave the hands feeling greasy at all - I actually really like using it before going on my laptop as my hands feel nicer when they're hydrated and it doesn't leave any product or stickiness on the keys. Another reason for liking the hand cream is that it actually just does do a really good job at stopping my hands from feeling so dry - I know this probably sounds a bit daft but I do actually feel like I've applied a much more expensive product, hence the shock when I found out that it was only £9 per 50ml tube. Considering that you only need a small amount to moisturise your hands thoroughly I think it's great value for money, a little goes a long way and it can last a very long time, even if used daily. 

The 50ml tube size is a perfect size for putting in your handbag but without having to replace it every 5 minutes. I sometimes get a bit frustrated with the huge tubes (I'm looking at you, Soap and Glory Hand Food) as it makes me feel obliged to go out and buy a travel sized version for my handbag. The bee good hand cream is a real winner in my eyes, and it's really made me want to try their Intensive Hand Repair - Have you tried any Bee Good products?

Chloe x


  1. Rosie Crompton4 June 2015 at 14:21

    I've been keen to try some Bee Good products, even more so now! I love the local and natural ingredients! Rosie x

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