Make Up For Ever comes to Birmingham



A few weeks ago I popped down to Debenhams in the Bullring with Katrina to check out the new Make Up For Ever store. I was secretly (or not so secretly) very excited as there are a number of products from MUFE that I have been wanting to try for a long time - in particular their HD foundation and the Aqua Cream eye shadow. When we entered Debenhams we quickly noticed that Make Up For Ever actually had a little enclosed section of their own, making it feel like a different store, which was lovely!

Whilst we were there, we were lucky enough to have our makeup done to try some of the Make Up For Ever products - I had my makeup done by Lynsey who applied a neutral, everyday makeup look on me. The Nourishing Primer was applied first, followed by the HD Foundation. Lynsey when used the Full Cover concealer on my blemishes, and the HD Concealer under my eyes, as the Full Cover concealer is quite drying under the eyes. It worked amazing on my blemishes though, I have literally never seen my face look so flawless! This was all set with the HD Loose Powder which I also loved - I'm so happy to have found a setting powder which isn't heavy or cakey. This was followed by the HD Blush in 220, and then the Aqua Brow in No10 was used to fill in my brows, I actually use the Aqua Brow daily now, it makes the brows look so defined yet they are still not un-natural looking, and as it is one of the products in their 'Aqua' line, it is waterproof!
My favourite part of the makeover was definitely my eyes - Lynsey applied the Aqua Cream in 13 around the inner part of my eye and then the Aqua Matic in ME-50 on the outer part of my eyes before blending them in together, followed by the Aqua Eyes Eyeliner on my upper lids. The final step on my eyes was applying the Smoky Lash mascara, which made my lashes look really defined. I couldn't help but keep thinking that my eyes look really big after having the products applied - I couldn't stop looking at myself! The final steps were applying a lipstick (Lynsey used the Rouge Artist Lipstick in N13, which is a lovely, versatile creamy lipstick and quite possibly be my favourite colour ever!) and spraying the Mist and Fix to keep everything in place.

Throughout the makeover I was talked through which products were being used and why, which was lovely as I felt like I was able to get a much better idea of the products which MUFE offer, and I was very kindly gifted them to recreate the make up look at home, which I could not be more thankful for!

Have you tried any MUFE products? Which are your favourites?

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  1. Not tried anything but really want to! It all looks so good

  2. I cannot hack eyelashes at all! I'm rather luckily blessed with long eyelashes that, after a lash lift, look stunning with the right mascara! I read an article about eyelash extensions here!