A Budget Mothers Day Present

Mug: 99p - Home Bargains

Today I went for a browse around one of my local shopping centres - it's been so long since I've been shopping without being in a rush, I had forgotten how much I love the shops! I have also (coincidentally) been on the hunt for a budget Mother's Day present, although I didn't expect to actually get to find one so perfect.

The mug pictured above is absolutely beautiful, is it not? If it didn't have 'mum' plastered all over it then I'd buy one for myself too. Best part of all - it costs a grand total of 99p from Home Bargains. They have a whole range of Mother's Day items and floral niknaks (all very Ted Baker style) in at the moment and I think anybody would be silly to not go and look. I can't believe the prices of the items there sometimes! I have a few mugs from Home Bargains already and the quality of both of them is great, I drink hot chocolate from them almost every night and I have been using them since August and they still haven't fallen apart (I've definitely had my 99p worth, if you ask me!) 

I think the whole gift-buying process was made a lot more awkward by the fact that my Mum was shopping with me at the time and so she knows how much it cost me to buy. It's a good job she's trying to save money too and knows a bargain when she sees one!

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  1. Aw this mug is so cute! I am sure she will love it! Have a great day x

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