My Journey Towards Becoming Vegan

Jackfruit Wrap from Earth's Kitchen, Sutton Coldfield

Hi everybody! I hope you're all doing fantastically well. Today I've actually got a (sort of) different topic to talk about. It's my progress towards becoming vegan! I've never actually spoken about this on my blog; but on guest posts I have discussed sourcing clothes more sustainably and also my transition to purchasing cruelty free makeup, which are just some of the steps I've taken towards a more ethical lifestyle. Having watched 'Cowspiracy' on Netflix, I have really come to realise the harmful effects of meat and animal consumption on the environment, an effect that goes far wider than direct harm to the animals themselves. I didn't know that livestock affects the sustainability of the planet, especially given the large quantities of methane gas that they produce and the cost of transporting/feeding them.

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At the moment I've been focusing on making small, gradual changes to my diet. As I'm not much of a cook, I've been generally trying to take animal products out of my meals and finding replacements; so for example I now take the chicken out of my stir fry and instead add extra vegetables for a super tasty stir fry. My favourite strategy for trying new vegan foods is to choose vegan options at restaurants, as you don't need to worry about difficulties with preparing the food. As an awful cook, this is my biggest worry but it's something that I'm gradually coming to terms with. Beans on toast is vegan, so it's all good! Nevertheless, I recently chose to visit Earths' Kitchen, in Sutton Coldfield and I have to say it was absolutely incredible! I had a BBQ flavoured jackfruit wrap, filled with vegan cheese and a hash brown. You wouldn't have even known that the 'cheese' wasn't actual cheese!

Animal products can also have negative effects on our physical health; with a variety of intolerances and allergies to such products. Did you know that the World Health Organization (WHO) ranks meat as being a grade 1 carcinogen? (Source). To be honest, I was really shocked when I found this out and it completely changed my outlook on animal products. I recently found out about a variety of vegan panels set up by They sound absolutely incredible, with a 'Should I Be Vegan?' panel available for non-vegans, where the focus is on identifying animal-derived allergies and consequently determining whether becoming vegan would be beneficial. For those who already follow a vegan diet, there is a 'Vegan Nutritional Maintenance Panel', which identifies vitamin and mineral deficiencies in your diet and provides guidance for rectifying these. This is such a fantastic idea, as ensuring that I still have a maintained, balanced diet is something I'm really worried about in regards to a vegan diet. I know that there are plenty of animal substitutes out there, but it’s really important to ensure that you still get the correct nutrients. For anybody who may be interested, you can also get 25% off these tests with the code 'CHLOE25'.

Do you eat a vegan diet? I would love to hear some meal suggestions in the comments box!

*This post is sponsored by Health Labs, although all thoughts and opinions are still my own.


  1. Although I am not vegan, I have many friends who have chose this option. One of them is a chef I worked with. She makes some delicious food that tastes just as good as any meat dishes I’ve tried. It’s amazing what you can do with fruits and vegetables alone. I enjoyed your post!

  2. Thanks so much Holly! I was surprised at how much the non-cheese cheese tasted like cheese. I agree with you completely, there are some really tasty swaps! <3

  3. I’ve been vegan just over three years and in that time I’ve learned that everyone’s journey towards plant-based eating is different – people struggle differently and have different needs to be met. It always makes me happy to read about someone else’s journey!

  4. I’m not vegan but, I used to be vegetarian and I love veggie/vegan food still. I really enjoy vegan cheese and never feel like I miss meat if I have a veggie meal.

    I also try to only buy vegan hair and beauty products too in an aim to be more ethical.

    Maybe in future I’ll return to being vegetarian.

    I’m very proud of you for being able to change your lifestyle in such a big way though. Becoming vegan is a big deal.

    Kate |

  5. I actually went Vegan for the month of February last year (I missed January’s ‘Veganary’ so just thought I’d do it a month late) and actually really enjoyed it. I found that it’s much easier than I thought, as I already don’t eat dairy. It was crazy though to check the ingredients of food and realise how many products contain animal products even when they don’t need to! I didn’t stick at it after but definitely was more aware of what I was eating and eat a lot less animal product. I’m thinking of doing it again soon as I felt so much better for it too! I became obsessed with making burrito bowls full of veggies and rice. I also loved Linda McCartney Veggie sausages, I still eat those a lot now!

  6. I’ve gone vegetarian this year, but quite regularly eat vegan, especially when I’m eating out. There’s also a lot of recipes online now too, I’ve found some great vegan curries and bean-based Mexican food. I think it’s really important that people are starting to move towards a plant-based diet, it’s great for the environment!

    Megan //

  7. You'll have to send me over some of your favourite vegan curries, Megan! I'm always up for trying to cook something new! Xx

  8. Thanks Kate! I'm not fully vegan but I think each vegan meal I make is a step in the right direction! Xx

  9. Thanks for your comment Charlotte! I'll have to try making a burrito bowl, they sound absolutely incredible!

  10. Thankyou so much Alys!

    Honestly its' not really something I'd thought much about but its' so true, as we all have different diets to start with, its important to find what works for us personally! xx