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The SkinnyDip Hate Sucks panel

The skinnydip hate sucks event stage

Recently, my wonderful friend Nati invited me to spend the evening with her at the "Hate Sucks" panel discussion hosted by Skinnydip London. Having heard previously about their fantastic events, I was overjoyed to be attending (once I had been convinced and gotten over the fear of travelling, of course), I'd heard that they really know how to host a good event! What I loved even more about the event was that the cost was on a donation basis, so I RSVP'ed online and donated to their chosen charity, Stonewall, a charity which aims to ensure that those in the LGBT+ community never feel alone.

When we arrived at the venue, Her Upstairs, we were instantly greeted by, possibly the friendliest bouncer I have ever met. He was really chatty and made the time we were waiting outside pass so quickly. He even recognised my Brummie accent, which I didn't even know I really had. Eventually we were met by a member of the Skinnydip team who allowed us into the event and we could begin!

Skinnydip goody bags at the Hate Sucks event

When we entered, I was immediately in awe at the room and the decorations. It was so colourful, music was blaring and the room just looked so exciting. I was somewhat surprised as I expected there to be a lot of people at the event, though it was a very intimate affair, I'd estimate that there was around 20 people by the time the event began. We were greeted with a glass of prosecco and so many wonderful looking pizzas, although unfortunately I had already eaten so decided not to take a slice. They had also put on some cookie dough which, I did test (for blogging purposes obviously), and it tasted absolutely incredible. Oh how I'd love to go back and consume said cookie dough all over again!

After a while of eating, snapping and chatting the panel began. The panel was lead by quite possibly the most gorgeous Queen I've ever seen, Crayola, and joined by Lottie Lamour, Jamie, Editor of Fruitcake Magazine, Zoe, an ambassador for the Albert Kennedy Trust and Ophelia Love. The panel spoke for a while about their journeys towards coming out, experiences at pride and protests, for example. A range of issues in the LGBT+ community were explored, both the positive and negative and it was really inspiring to hear from such a wide variety of people. I learnt so much from the event including how gender and sexuality are very very different. I do try to keep my dating life quiet, but I don't really consider myself to fit in any one label at this time in my life. It was really interesting to be told that it's okay to feel like that.

"The process of discovering yourself is constantly changing as you grow."

I was also really upset to hear of the discrimination that individuals on the panel feel. Whether it is intentional from the community or not, it's not okay!

The panel were all really friendly, chatty and described answers from many different points of view. I thought that this was absolutely fantastic! They all had a fantastic sense of humour too which made it even more of a pleasure to listen. They were all very open to questions and gave thorough, in depth answers, with many afterthoughts from Zoe!

We were also met with some incredible goodie bags which was an incredibly thoughtful surprise. Inside there were some rainbow drops and candy kittens sweets, in addition to an LGBT+ pride flag, and some Skinnydip goodies. I now finally have a dedicated blogging notebook!


My time in London was fantastic, Nati was my tour guide and we explored Oxford Street, Carnaby Street and Kingly Court. We had a wonderful time shopping and eating cookies, so please do take a look at my other posts if you love a good food photo! This panel discussion was the best way of ending the day that I could've thought of. Thank you for Skinnydip for allowing me to attend, and to Nati for convincing me to go and being such wonderful company!

Chloe x


  1. MySecondAttempt4 August 2018 at 00:39

    I got a few bits from Skinnydip recently! I really love the campaign

  2. Me too! Thank you for your comment lovely x

  3. This is such a lovely campaign and looked like such a fun night! Great that they raised money for the LGBTQ+ community x

  4. The party seems really awesome. Love the decorations. I bet it was interesting to listen to the panel talk about issues and answer in depth questions.

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  5. Thanks so much Simone, it was an amazing night! x

  6. It was amazing! Thank you so much Veronica! :) <3

  7. Looks like you had a lovely time !! X

  8. It was absolutely fantastic, thank you Jasmine! x

  9. This is fabulous!! 😍😍😍 such brilliant campaign! And so pretty 💁🏽 Added touch of a goodie bag is so kind too.

  10. It was such a fantastic day! Thank you so much Caitlin <3

  11. It sounds like you had an amazing time! I'm so happy that brands are taking part in campaigns like this! Xx

  12. I couldn't agree more, thank you so much! ❤