Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without | Collab with Gemini Explicit

I’m honestly so excited while writing this post as it is my first ever time collaborating with someone. It’s a privilege for it to be Chloe as I have been reading her blog for just little over a month and she’s becoming one of my all-time favourite bloggers! Not only is this exciting but it’s a collaboration on our beauty products we can’t live without as well! Makeup and beauty are one of my biggest passions at the moment so I’m so looking forward to hearing about Chloe’s favourite products of all time. If you enjoyed reading this post you can check out my blog, geminiexplicit, for more beauty and lifestyle posts. I’m going to stop blabbering on now and get on to the post!

I have started getting really into makeup and skin care over the last couple of months. I never really used to be that interested I usually used to put BB cream on, mascara, lipstick and blush on and would use a makeup wipe to take off my make up! Things have totally done a 360 as I have been looking after my skin and trying new makeup. I have put together a list of my top beauty products I cannot live without and that I think everyone should splurge on!

First up is the B. Pure Micellar Oil which I have to say is a game changer. When you apply the oil cleanser to the skin it feels light but also removes impurities and long-lasting makeup. Once you rinse your face with warm water the oil turns into a milk cleaner which makes the skin so clean. Honestly, it’s the cleanest my skin has ever felt! As someone who often has dehydrated skin, this has been a blessing for me as it leaves my skin feeling nourished and soft. All in all, this product is great and has turned into one of my favourite skincare products since I’ve started using it day and night.

Despite being a red lipstick girl and not the biggest fan of nude lipsticks, I recently bought the Revolution x Soph Nude Lipstick in ‘cake’ which is a highly pigmented medium toned pink nude shade. The formula is super creamy which leaves the lips moisturised and nourished. There’s nothing I hate more than having dry lips because of a lipstick! I’m personally not the biggest fan of matte finish lipsticks so this is perfect for me. However, it would be easy enough to blotch the lips with some tissue to make the lipstick a matte finish. The lipstick lasts well but needs a top up if you eat something but for £4 it honestly is worth the money as well as a staple piece if you want to have a more dramatic eye look. I honestly think this lipstick should be in everyone’s make up bag.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade is the most beautiful product I own. I had wanted it for the longest time and ended up buying it in 2017 when I finally caved. I have to say it’s still going strong even though I use it nearly every day. Lightscapade is different shades of white, beige, pink, and lavender all in the one pan. When swirled together it is a beautiful beige highlight that shines with a cool tone. In all honestly it reminds me of the Becca Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfecter in Moonstone as it looks like you’ve been bathed in moonlight. The powder feels super soft to touch. It’s also very finely milled which gives a beautiful glow. I wouldn’t be without this highlighter as it can be used everyday if you apply it lightly for a natural glow or you can apply more for a night time going out look. The highlight lasts all day without needing topped up which is amazing.

The Maybelline Superstay 24H Liquid Foundation is honestly my holy grail foundation. I need to buy a new one as soon as because it’s running out! I originally bought this foundation due to seeing the huge rave about it online so I wanted to see if it was any good because it isn’t expensive and easy to get your hands on. This foundation is full coverage foundation which does a great job at covering any imperfections. There is a 12-shade range which is actually quite good for a drugstore brand and I found it easy to find a good colour match. The longest I’ve worn the foundation is 12 hours and it didn’t budge which was impressive as most of the time I find my foundation can go cakey after a couple of hours. I absolutely love this foundation and I highly recommend anyone to buy it!

What are your favourite beauty products that you cannot live without at the moment? Is there anything you would suggest me to try?



  1. The B. Pure Micellar Oil sounds so nice! I'm loving Maybelline's Superstay 24h Liquid Foundation too - it's coverage is amazing. I'm a big fan of the B. Camomile Facial Spritz at the moment!

    Sophie xx // One Unique

  2. Sounds like I really need to try the b. range for skincare! xx

  3. I’ve seen so many people raving about the Cake lipstick. Seems like Soph really picked a great shade!

    Louisa |

  4. I need the 24 liquid foundation in my life!!! A great post!

  5. Kind of boring and not particularly beauty but LIP BALM!
    I'm struggling with dry lips so much at the moment. I'll even have it in my pocket at work, it's essential!

    That Revolution X lipstick sounds nice though, can't beat a nude lipstick! xx

    Annelies |

  6. The cake lipstick sounds amazing doesn't it! <3

  7. Haha me too, thanks Bex! <3

  8. Oh gosh, so true! I need lip balm in my bag all of the time! <3

  9. The Maybelline foundation is one of my favourites at the minute too! I have two of the Soph lipsticks and I need to wear them more but I usually go for a matte finish which is probably why I don't reach for them very often.

    Jess //

  10. This is a lovely blog post and congrats on your first ever collaboration! All of these products looks really good but I am especially interested in the Maybelline superstay 24hr Foundation as I really struggle when it comes to foundations. They never seem to last longer than a few hours so this seems to be just the sort of thing I'm looking for. I would recommend that you try the Revlon colorstay foundation for oily combination skin as that one is also a good one for staying power and full coverage. xx

  11. Aaaah I'm also a fan of a good old matte lipstick! xx

  12. Thanks Hanna! Oh I love the Revlon colorstay! xx