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Hi ya'll! Today I am returning with another post for you all, a review of the PMD Personal Microderm. The PMD has been well loved in the blogger-sphere; with so many people raving about it's anti-aging and skin-improving properties, I've been super excited to give it a try and see how well it works for me. I have been trialling the PMD Personal Microderm for the last three weeks and so, I thought now was the perfect time to share my thoughts.

What is it?

The PMD (Personal Microderm) is a microdermabrasion tool, which smoothes away dead skin cells without the cost of visiting a professional. To put it simply, the tool removes a thin layer of dead skin cells by vacuuming the skin onto a rotating/exfoliating aluminium oxide disc, which allows skincare products, lotions and serums to sink into the skin more effectively. This helps to bring out the fresh, younger looking layer of skin underneath and consequently makes your skin smoother. Microdermabrasion is a fantastic tool for those with facial lines and wrinkles, sun damage, clogged pores and minor scars. Additionally, it has been recommended for those who suffer from rosacea and acne in some cases.

There are multiple different variants of the PMD available to purchase, including the Personal Microderm, the Personal Microderm Pro, and the Mens' Personal Microderm. Fortunately, PMD UK offer a Device Quiz to help you choose the device best suited to your needs.

PMD Personal Microderm Packaging

How do you use it?

The pack comes with an instructional CD/DVD which gives you a step by step guide using the tool, which is incredibly useful and makes the process much easier. The PMD comes with 3 different discs; the white is used as a training disk to see how your skin will tolerate the device, the blue is ideal for sensitive skin and the green is great for normal skin. Once you have got the device set up, it is recommended that you cleanse and dry your skin so that there isn't any excess dirt.

Then, once the machine has been turned on there is a quiet buzz, and as you glide the machine around your face, the vacuum will press your skin against the exfoliating crystals. You must ensure that you use one hand to pull the skin taut as you use the other to glide the PMD around your face; and you must ensure that you only go over all areas of skin once else it can cause redness and bruising. It is recommended that you use the PMD Personal Microderm no more than once per week.

My Thoughts

So far, I have really enjoyed my journey using the PMD Personal Microderm. The first time I used it, I did a test by my ear using the white training disc, and as I didn't find this uncomfortable I proceeded to use it around my face. Whilst using the PMD Personal Microderm, I found it difficult to maintain the suction on my face, particularly when it came to less smooth areas such as the nose. I think that this may be a practice thing, as I did find it easier to manage a second time around, therefore making the whole process a lot faster. When using the device for the second time, I thought that there was room for more exfoliating and so I used the blue disc, which is intended for sensitive skin. This had more abrasive crystals, and I did prefer the effects from this disc as it seemed to give my skin a deeper cleanse.

Following using the PMD, I use a toner on my skin and then moisturise. Since starting to use the device I've been able to notice that my skin is a lot smoother, with less dead skin. This feels wonderful but also provides a much nicer base to apply skincare products and makeup. The PMD Personal Microderm isn't necessarily affordable, coming in at £135, though it's a fraction of the price that you'd spend at a clinic and I love that it can be used in the comfort of my own home.

Love, Love, Love!

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Chloe x

*The PMD Microderm Device was sent to me to review, however all thoughts and opinions are still my own.


  1. This sounds pretty good, glad it's worked well for you! It does look a bit scary to use haha but it's great that it comes with a instructional cd! It is quite pricey but as you say, you'd spend a lot more going to professionals every so often to get this done.

    Chloe xx

  2. I've never heard of this product before but you've written such a good, detailed review and it sounds like it works amazingly!

    Jess //

  3. I will definitely need to give this a try! My acne is terrible just now and the cream the doctors have given me is so drying but it's method if action is to essentially take off the first layers of skin so maybe this would be less harsh!
    Thank you, so helpful!

  4. Lool I was so scared the first time I used it, but I love it now and I can't get enough! It is pricey but the amount I've used it I already feel like it's a good investment <3 xx

  5. Thank you so much Jess! xx

  6. Not tried anything like this before but it does sound pretty impressive! It sounds like a very good product for the skin so I might actually invest and get one for my skin.

    Melissa 🌙 | Moonlight Mel

  7. Aaah I have tried those creams before and they can actually be so harsh - make sure you keep hydrated! <3

  8. I'm glad this post was useful, Melissa! <3 xx

  9. What a lovely review Chloe! I've never heard of PMD so thank-you for introducing me. It's probably not something I would use, well I'm not sure. I do like how it does cater to sensitive skin.

    Gemma |

  10. This sounds interesting! Though I typically shy away from things like this the fact that it doesn't sound excessively rough or abrasive makes me want to look into it! Thanks for the review!

  11. I got sent one of these earlier this year too and I found it quite hard to use around the nose the first few times. I have really sensitive skin so I was quite worried about the suction. I don't use it so much on my face any more but I really like it for my body x


  12. Ngl Chloe i thought this was some sort of vibrator at first glance! But i dont think i've ever heard of these but love that they've got a disc for sensitive skin!

  13. Thank you so much Gemma! I'm really enjoying it but it is quite expensive if you're not sure! x

  14. Glad it was useful, Kristin! <3

  15. Ooooh I've never used it for my body, though I do have the attachments for it. I'll have to give it a try! x

  16. Hahaha that's so funny! This actually made me laugh! xx

  17. I’ve always wanted to try this out- it’s just looks so cool and satisfying haha! Also, I have the most textured skin ever! But for some reason spending that much on it is something I can’t justify at the moment! It was great hearing your thoughts on it though! Would you say it’s worth the money? xx

  18. It's so satisfying! Especially when you see the little parts of dry skin come off, you just know you've had a good exfoliate! I'd say it's worth the money, I love using it (I still use it regularly now!) but if you don't have the money then there's nothing wrong with a good old manual exfoliate <3