The Best Areas for Charity Shops in Birmingham

It's May 2020, we're weeks into lockdown in the UK (as a result of COVID-19) and I'm dreaming of charity shops at this point. I started to realise how serious things were when my family started sending me thrift shop memes. In anticipation of the world returning back to 'normal' and the stores starting to re-open (and also because I've been procrastinating writing this for months), I thought I'd share my favourite areas in Birmingham to go charity shopping.

If you have any other suggestions then please let me know in the comments box below!

1. Shirley High StreetA google maps image showing 12 charity shops in Shirley, Birmingham.

Shirley High Street has been branded the 'Charity shop capital of Britain' by the Mirror and I have to agree that if you're looking for charity shops in high volume - this is the place to be. This is certainly not ideal if you just want a 'quick browse', i'd consider a day out if you want to tackle each and every shop. The bonus is that it's surrounded with a variety of other shops too, if my memory serves me right there's an ASDA, Home Bargains, Card Factory also right on your doorstep. There's plenty of places to stop for a bite to eat too!

2. Four Oaks

Compared to what I'm familiar with, Mere Green is a much more affluent area and the charity shops certainly reflect that. However, it makes for a pleasant morning's shopping around various charity shops, with plenty of second-hand designer brands up for sale. The prices typically do reflect this, however there is still a bargain to be had (I picked up some vintage YSL sunglasses for £10, and they're worth every penny!) and if anything, it's thoroughly exciting to gawk at all of the high-end brands on offer.

3. Kings Heath/Moseley

Whilst this is technically two different high streets, only a short walk will take you from one to the other and I think they make a fantastic pair. Kings Heath is a lively area with a variety of Charity shops to keep you busy. Just a short walk away, you'll find Moseley, a lovely area with a variety of charity shops amongst independent businesses/caf├ęs/restaurants. 

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4. Walsall (Cancer Research Superstore) 

Located just outside Birmingham, you'll find a Cancer Research Superstore within a shopping park in Walsall. The first time I visited, I was amazed. Every item is priced £3 or under, so there's excellent scope to pick up some bargains if you visit at the right time. There are rows upon rows of clothes, accessories, books/dvds and homewares, and enough stock to spend hours looking for the right pieces. The size of it really reminds me of the traditional American 'thrift stores'! 



  1. This is so so helpful!! Mere Green and Four Oaks is definitely one I’d recommend, but I’d never even heard of the others!! Definitely need to get to that Cancer Research Superstore once this is all over xx

    Chloe |

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