I’m currently in the process of saving up some money, hopefully with an end result of getting a mortgage for my first flat. It’s a very tedious journey, and saving money isn’t easy at times… View Post

Okay, so my post title may be a little bit of clickbait. But, todays’ post is on one of my favourite topics, saving money! Recently I was invited to the GiffGaff’s ‘Spend or Save?’ Bloggers event located… View Post

CYO ‘Turn On The Light’ Illuminating Mixing Cream – £6.00 It’s not often that I purchase make up these days. The days of ‘beauty blogging’ specifically are long gone for me – I have a… View Post

4mm Thick Yoga Mat – £14.98 – Yoga Direct My ‘fitness journey’, if you will, has been on and off for a very long time now. I’ll get myself in routine and start doing exercise… View Post

COLAB Dry Shampoo – £1.99 at Savers To put it bluntly, I cannot be without dry shampoo. It applies in an instant, gives a volume boost and also gives me another day before washing my… View Post