Brown’s Family Jewellery: Cluse La Boheme Watch

Cluse black watch on a marble background
A gorgeous black Cluse La Boheme watch on a white background.

Over the last few months or so I’ve really become a sucker for a good piece of jewellery. To my amazement, I was recently fortunate enough to receive this Cluse watch to review on behalf of Browns’ Family Jewellers, who have been a family run business for over twenty years, selling both new and pre-owned jewellery both online and in six different stores across Yorkshire. Browns stock a variety of popular jewellery and watch brands, so there is bound to be something to please everyone.

Cluse are a brand born in Amsterdam and seem to have a simple yet stylish look. The watch is of a high quality with real leather (interchangeable) straps and a super thin watch face. The packaging is also gorgeous, giving it a well rounded, quality feel. For £70 you get a lot of bang for your buck and given how expensive watches can be, this is an absolute steal of a buy. There is also an attached two year warranty so that if anything goes wrong, you have peace of mind. The watch is a very versatile piece, smart enough to be worn for work and on special occasions, yet is simple in appearance to wear on an everyday basis. I love the appearance of the watch with an all black outfit especially as the rose gold appears to pop.

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Browns Family Jewellers have also put together an infographic reflecting on watches over the last 100 years also – isn’t it crazy how times change?

A timeline displaying the evolution of watches from the early watch era to the fashion tech era.
Chloe x

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