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Dodie Secrets for the Mad book
Dodie's signature inside her 'Secrets for the Mad' book, saying 'Hi Chloe, Dodie'

Honest. Truthful. Mac and Cheese.

If you didn’t already know, I have been focusing this year on trying to read more books, having read only one other YouTubers’ book, Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter by Louise Pentland.
Last November I headed down to Dodie’s book signing located in Foyles’ Birmingham. Truth be told, my memories of the event are somewhat tainted; I wasn’t in a very good place mentally when the event came around, I remember being upset in the queue before meeting her and I must have come across like a right “awkward potato” per se, in my attempts not to cry right in front of her (fortunately I managed to hold off until I’d left the shop). I knew that this was a memory that I didn’t want to miss and the event was unlikely to come around again, so I took it, but hell do I wish I could’ve enjoyed it a bit more.
Secrets for the Mad is a book written by Musician and Youtuber Dodie Clark (doddleoddle/doddlevloggle), which documents the ups, downs, and experiences in her life. I really loved this book. From the heart, I adored it. There are lots of little details about her life and stories which are uplifting and show us all many, many lessons. An upfront reminder that life isn’t perfect; even those who seem to have it all, really, do not always. It’s an inspiration to go out there and try again. We are all human, we hurt others and we make our own mistakes. A book full of thoughts, poems, tales and stories on a plethora of topics; mental health, alcohol, bisexuality, relationships and sex. We get to hear about Dodies’ experiences which have undoubtedly shaped her into the success she is today.
There is even a few recipes here and there. Ever wanted to know how to make Ramen or Mac and Cheese? Shes’ got you covered.Somewhat a vain compliment also; the outer packaging of this book is absolutely stunning. Inside, there are her own drawings which break up the page well and the pages are full of warmth, colours and doodles. I usually keep my books stored away in a box underneath my bed but it feels somewhat cruel to do this to such stunning artwork. If you have a bookshelf, its’ going to look absolutely fab. It’ll be a good’en for the coffee table too; for its looks but also the idea that you can pick it up on pretty much any page and take something away from it. It’s more of a journal of notes than it is a story.

(If you want to watch a video of Dodie answering questions about her book and making more mac and cheese… here you go!)

I’ve never been one to buy a Youtubers’ book purely because I like them. But Secrets for the Mad touched my heart. Whilst I was reading it, I felt almost normal; knowing that somebody else can experience such painful feelings and still go on to continue and spread such positivity to others warmed me throughout. I am eternally grateful for being here right now and having the opportunity to read it. What are your thoughts on Secrets for the Mad? Have you read it?


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