Yoga Direct Thick Yoga Mat

4mm Thick Yoga Mat – £14.98 – Yoga Direct

My ‘fitness journey’, if you will, has been on and off for a very long time now. I’ll get myself in routine and start doing exercise regularly, although it’s often that life takes over, whether it be exams, work or something else.

Recently I’ve been getting into exercise, I love attending classes and one thing that I don’t own myself is a yoga mat. I have been using the ones provided at my leisure centre although this yoga mat from Yoga Direct is much thicker and more comfortable to use. The mat is a lot longer than expected (61cm Width x 172cm Length) also which is great as it means I don’t end up falling off it! I think it’s a great option for a starter yoga mat as it isn’t too fancy yet it’s comfortable and it does the job well, and it’s under £15. The only disadvantage I’d mention with the mat is that it doesn’t come wth a bag or anything to keep it held in – obviously this is only a personal preference and you can buy them separately, although i’ve had a bag for a previous mat and it made it much easier to transport and store. Nevertheless, I’d still recommend the product to beginners or those who are after a budget option as it’s great in so many situations – whether it be exercising at home or an exercise class at a sport centre.

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